Opening up a New School

Your step-by-step guide to setting up a new school:

You need to contact the AICLS education officer who will help you to set up your new school.

You can email or call 0409 719 658

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1. Find Details of Students

Ask in your community the parents with school age children if they are willing to participate.

Funding under the Community Languages Schools Program is for students from K-12.

Write the students in ‘Student’s interested in enrolling’ form as often once you school is opening months later, you might not remember all the parents who were interested.

Once classes are set up, each parent then fills out an Enrolment Form

2. Teachers

Each School has to fill out a Teacher Profile Form for each teacher to submit with registration for check of experience and teacher training. If you don’t have an experienced language teacher, the committee can agree for him/her to teach, if he/she agrees to undergo training. There is a free Certificate of Language Teaching course being held once a year from the Community Languages Schools Program.

All Teachers and persons who get into contact with the students without their parents being present, have to do a Working with Children Check.

3. Find Premises

You can choose your own premises. Some schools teach in their Community Halls, Clubs or Church facilities. If your community can not cater for your teaching needs, you can use NSW Government School’s premises.

Community Language Schools have free use of Government School facilities.

Decide on which is the most convenient suburb for the students to come to language school. (Look at student details where they live or go to school.)

Then find the Government School you would like to hold classes at. It can be a Primary School or a High School. Read the guide about Approaching a School to seek use of its premises.

Please note: Schools which are teaching the same language are not be opened within a radius of 2 km.

4. Resources

Teaching resources are one of the most important parts of your school. You can get resources by

  • asking in your community what resources people have already
  • going to your local library
  • contacting established Community Language Schools that teach your language
  • contacting people you know in your country to send you materials
  • producing your own materials

The Education Officer can help you with this. You can use the AICLS office facilities e.g. library, computer, photocopier, laminator, book binder etc.

5. Form a Committee

You have to form a committee. Please read information about a Committee. Your first meeting will be the Annual General Meeting (AGM), when the committee members are being voted in. The minutes (a transcript of the meeting) of this meeting are often needed for opening a bank account. Minutes have to be written in English. If you are not familiar with the procedures of forming a committee and holding meetings, the Education Officer will help you.

6. Incorporation

Go to the office of the Department of Fair Trading. Apply for your school to register as a Non for Profit Incorporated Association. Read: Incorporation and How do we incorporate?

7. Get an ABN number

Your Community Language School needs to have their own Australian Business Number (ABN). This can be done here.

8. Open a bank account

Open up a bank account for a non-profitable organisation. To open a bank account you will need the minutes of your Annual General Meeting. The Committee members who will be signatories have to go and meet at the bank together with their identification papers. Please ask your bank for further details what is needed. Fill out the Bank Details Form.

9. Set up financial book keeping

This is an example of how you can set up your book keeping with an Income, Expenditure and Petty Cash sheet.

10. Public- liability insurance

Your Community Languages School needs to have Public Liability Insurance.  AICLS offers Public Liability Insurance to its members at a much reduced cost. Contact the AICLS Education Officer at for more information.

11. Syllabus

A syllabus is a framework of what and how a student is to learn the language. There are already language syllabus developed in many languages. Find your language Syllabus on the AICLS website and if you can’t find one, ask the AICLS Education Officer for help in developing your own.

See the NSW Education Standards Authority  Language Syllabus page for more details

12. School is in operation

Once the school is ready for operation, enrol students officially by filling out a Student Enrolment form for each student.

Apply for an Establishment Grant after 3 months of operation of school. The Education Officer will help you.

All students have to fill out the Permission to Publish Student’s work and Photographs form. This is for giving permission of photos of the students and their work to be published e.g. AICLS website, student competition entries being displayed.

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